TAS Aquarius Overview: Intraday Liquidity Monitoring & Reporting

The finance industry is focusing on the liquidity optimization because of the financial regulators encouraging a strict control, including the intraday operations (e.g. Basel III), a wide use of Collaterals in order to reduce counterparty and system risks (e.g. EMIR, DODD Frank) and the increase of Bank liquid assets .

Aquarius is the new TAS application for Securities, Cash and Collateral management integrated into a modular Liquidity and Settlement platform. Advanced graphical features and high customization capability permit to self-configure all the preferred application settings for your own business model. It can simultaneously manage multiple legal entities, in order to satisfy also Bank groups and Service Provider requirements.

Each single module of Aquarius can run stand-alone or be part of a wider Aquarius platform installation  integrated in the customer architecture.

Aquarius offers an integrated framework to monitor Intraday Liquidity and consolidate Cash Management and Collateral activities for both direct and indirect settlement systems participant.

Core functionalities includes : bcbs248 monitoring tools; global intraday liquidity overview on individual country, currency, legal entity or customer level; monitoring features on monthly and daily bases; flexible alerting system; easy integration with bank back office and network applications.



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