Revolution in Payments and Opportunity for New Services

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With less than 10 months to the November Go Live of the first Pan European Instant Payment Scheme, SEPA active PSPs face the challenge of forecasting impacts of this game-changer in their market positioning. Defining a successful business strategy to ensure the necessary flexibility to adapt to fast-changing scenarios is key to every Player in the Payment Industry.  This strategy must weigh several factors, including the robustness and agility of each Player’s processes and infrastructure.

Among others, this webinar will address the following key questions:

  • Which will be the main benefits of adhering to the optional IP scheme as first adopters and what precautions should be taken to avoid losing investments?
  • What distinguishes EBA SCTinst compared to other existing or in development domestic Instant Payment Schemes worldwide and which are the types of value added services the Participant will be enabled to offer to its end customers?
  • How to best manage funding accounts needed to settle Instant Payments in the various schemes in view of the evolving dynamics such as volumes, customer base, amount caps, adhering PSPs?
  • How to best manage the adaptation of back-end systems involved in payment processing, with the necessary fraud scoring, interbank exchange and settlement protocols, and make funds available to beneficiaries instantly 24x7x365?

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