GTNews & Kyriba Webinar – Manage Risk: Building an Effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

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If you ask treasurers what is their top priority, you’ll find risk management near the top of the list, but not necessarily a disaster recovery plan. As leaders of the organization, it’s important for treasury to consider the possibility of a loss of personnel, loss of connectivity, loss of services or loss of location. While the CIO and CFO are aware of the dangers of a security breach, such as phishing, whaling or vishing, there are many more potential reasons a company can experience a loss.

This webinar, in partnership with GTNews, will provide critical insights at the CEO, CFO, CIO level and is relevant to the organization, especially treasury. Following this online session, finance leaders and treasury teams will walk away understanding the importance of business continuity and continuation planning (BCCP) to align business priorities, and be fully prepared.

Highlights include:

  • What are the top priorities for your business to continue
  • Why treasury should be at the table with the CEO, CFO, and CIO to identify business continuity objectives
  • Focus on planning for four conditions instead of infinite scenarios
  • Who is responsible for security, and what are best practices for information security


  • Tom Hunt – Director of Treasury Services, Association for Financial Professionals
  • Mark Zecca, Ph.D – SVP, Cloud Services and Engineering, Kyriba Corporation
  • Bob Stark – Vice President, Kyriba Corporation
  • Moderator: Ben Poole – Financial Writer and Editor



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