Hidden Brain Founder & CEO Marilyn Bochicchio Talks Payments Predictions

Marilyn Bochicchio - Hidden Brain

The end of the year is fast approaching and tech predictions season is jumping into full swing. In payments, however, there’s no point asking what the key trends will be next year. While innovation around financial services is at an all-time peak, tangible change simply doesn’t happen overnight. That’s according to Hidden Brain founder and CEO Marilyn Bochicchio, speaking during an interview in The Bancorp’s Finetics™ Studio at Money20/20 in Las Vegas.

Here, she shares her insights on the slow but steady momentum building behind mobile payments and outlines her perspective on emerging technology including authentication, tokenisation and the blockchain.

“The smartphone changed everything, but today it’s almost like the mobile phone has become old school,” she says. “What were really talking about is mobility and the ability to use any number of devices as payments mechanisms.”

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