bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide 2015/2016

bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide 2015/2016

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, there are opportunities and threats everywhere and corporate treasurers require innovative treasury management systems (TMS) that enable them to effectively tackle fraud, manage their cash visibility and meet regulatory requirements.

For organisations looking at sourcing and purchasing a new TMS, the Guide includes a comprehensive functionality matrix of TMS offerings available in today’s market.

The Treasury Management Systems Guide also includes a variety of editorial features which address areas such as risk minimisation and how to beat the increasingly sophisticated fraudster. We look into the fact that, although technology is progressing at a fast pace, some corporate treasurers are still using Excel spreadsheets and explore whether Excel can survive in the current ‘big data’ environment.

Are corporate treasurers making the right project management decisions? We look into the rules that treasurers should be following to again, minimise risk and the checklist corporates should go through when making the decision to keep their TMS in-house or move to the Cloud.

Finally, we take an exclusive look into how top corporate treasurers select, implement and utilise their TMS.


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