Nets: Rapid growth for ‘Save my card’ service

Nets, the Nordic-based providers of payments, cards and information services, reports strong traction for the ‘Save my card’ service launched late last year, with well over one million saved cards. Around 100,000 cards are added weekly, with more than 500,000 added in March alone to lift the total to 1.2m. Nets adds that the new service, so far available in more than 26,000 web-shops, vastly improves convenience for consumers and increases conversion rates for the merchant thanks to faster checkouts as only three digits are required instead of 23.

‘Save my card’ will potentially be available in all web-shops supported by Nordics payment providers in the group’s platforms such as DIBS, Netaxept and Paytrail in Finland. It is the first in a string of e-commerce services planned across the Nets Group leveraging on the group’s ability to service merchants and consumers widely on a Nordic level.

“We are working closely across Nets to build the next generation payment solutions, changing the game for the Nordic e-commerce,” said Daniel Larsson, chief executive officer (CEO) at DIBS. “In late summer we will launch yet another end-to-end solution that will make it extremely easy to both receive payments and to pay when shopping online.”

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