HSBC and GT Nexus partner to offer digital supply chain platform

HSBC and GT Nexus have partnered to offer US customers a digital commerce platform that helps companies to manage complex supply chain processes and simplifies supplier financing.

By integrating the supply chain financing capabilities of HSBC, cloud supply chain platform GT Nexus can also enable clients to manage working capital.

Vinay Mendonca, global head of product and propositions, global trade and receivables finance at HSBC, says: “HSBC is investing in digital innovation to make global trade simpler, safer and more efficient for businesses.”

“We and a number of our customers identified GT Nexus as a platform that could help our customers improve their financing and logistics capabilities.

“We are already working with a US-based apparel retailer to simplify their global supply chain management process and supplier financing needs using this platform and aim to build on this success for a wider range of businesses,” says Mendonca.

Kurt Cavano, GT Nexus president, says: “We built GT Nexus around a simple but powerful idea: to put a single cloud-based collaboration platform at the centre of global trade. Our partnership with HSBC brings a new dimension to the offering by enabling our clients to request financing across the supply chain process.”

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