ACI Worldwide connects banks to pan-European instant payments

Electronic payments specialist ACI Worldwide is to offer its universal payments (UP) Immediate Payments solution via a hosted cloud enabling financial institutions across Europe to share connectivity to the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) RT1 instant payments scheme and thus reduce the costs of real-time operations and time to market.

“UP Immediate Payments will help banks to manage software maintenance costs, ongoing regulatory requirements and the risk of uncertain volume projections,” the group announced. “The solution is complemented by a testing service to ensure fast and seamless deployment.

“The service will be offered via ACI’s state-of-the art data centre in Limerick, Ireland, which opened last year in order to satisfy growing demand for ACI’s private cloud solutions among its European customers.”

Additionally, ACI has customers using UP Immediate Payments to access Singapore FAST and Australian New Payments Platform (NPP) as well as customers preparing for the introduction of The Clearing House (TCH) and Zelle schemes in the US.

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