GTNews readers poll: Are you prepared for a cyber-attack?

Today we’re asking GTNews readers to participate in our poll on cyber risks.

This week, many businesses were crippled worldwide by a ransomware cyber-attack. ‘Petya’ has reportedly hit over 12,000 machines in around 65 countries across the globe. Cyber-attacks are increasingly in the headlines as hackers are becoming more sophisticated.

“The reputational fallout from a cyber breach is what kills modern businesses,” said Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s. “And in a world where the threat from cyber-crime is when, not if, the idea of simply hoping it won’t happen to you, isn’t tenable.

In the event of an attack, it falls on the company to prove that they took adequate steps to protect their business and their customers. Do you feel prepared for a cyber-attack?



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