TMS versus ERP Treasury Functionality

For the purposes of the Zanders TMS v ERP study, examining treasury usage patterns, 80 corporates around the world were analysed. The companies in the sample group operate in various industries, such as Aerospace and Defense (23%); Transportation (16%); Engineering (14%); Oilfield Services (11%); and Mining (8%).

About one third of the companies are located in North America; 62% in Europe; and the rest are from Asia Pacific and Latin America. Half of the sample group has a turnover of more than US$10bn. Overall, more than 15 different treasury management system (TMS) products are being used by the sample group.

One fact that is evident from this research is that the dominance of SAP, WallStreet Systems (WSS) and Quantum increases with the turnover of the companies, while systems such as IT2 and Globe$ are mostly preferred by corporates with a lower turnover. Furthermore, SAP treasury functionality and Quantum are used by companies in every size category examined, while WSS is used only by larger corporates in our sample.


Figure 1: An analysis of company turnover versus their TMS and ERP vendor selection.


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