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GTNews, part of the Contentive group, is the leading global knowledge resource for over 65,000 treasury, finance, payments and cash management professionals. Online, GTNews is updated daily and provides subscribers with access to an archive of over 9,000+ treasury articles, special reports, commentaries, research, polls, news, webinars, and whitepapers – all with a global focus.

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The GTNews editorial team encourage industry experts to share their knowledge on key issues facing treasury and finance professionals, including best practice in cash and liquidity management, corporate financial planning and analysis, regulatory changes, trends in the financial supply chain, risk management and the pursuit of internal efficiencies.

Under the guidance of a number of valued treasurer relationships who help shape our editorial calendar, the expert perspectives available on GTNews come from the treasury departments of leading corporations, banks, technology companies, governments and specialist consultancies. GTNews also works closely with a number of subject matter experts.

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