Treasury TV: Karen Pugsley, Domino’s Pizza Group

Karen Pugsley, group treasurer of Domino’s Pizza Group, has worked for the company for less than a year and has already worked on business acquisitions in London, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

She is also implementing a new treasury management system (TMS) and looking to increase automation in her department.

At the Treasury Leaders Summit in London, GTNews asked Pugsley about what advice she would give to treasurers dealing with mergers and acquisitions, what the key challenges for her year ahead will be and how she is selecting a TMS for her department.

What are your biggest challenges over the next 12 months as group treasurer?

What TMS technology are you looking to implement in your treasury department?

What role does automation play in your treasury department?

Is there a risk of being too reliant on automation in treasury?

What advice would you give to a treasurer who is involved in mergers and acquisitions?

What career advice would you give to your former self?

Missed the Treasury Leaders Summit? Watch one of the sessions, ‘Building a case for an improved financial system with blockchain’ here.


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