FX and political risk among the biggest concerns facing treasurers today

Foreign exchange and shifts in politics are the most important areas of treasury risk for treasurers, according to original research by GTNews.

The research, carried out late last year, found FX to be the most important area of treasury risk, with 61.5% of treasurers noting it as a concern. Country/political changes and liquidity came a joint second, with 53.8% citing them as important.

treasury risk

As the UK prepares to decide whether or not to leave the EU on 23rd June, these findings paint a picture of uncertainty for today’s treasurers.

At this year’s Treasury Innovation Forum, a new event for senior corporate treasury and finance professionals taking place on 29th June, we’ll be addressing these hot topics and launching the findings of this survey in a one-day forum with industry experts including:

– John Stepek, Editor of MoneyWeek
– Jane Lowe, Secretary General of the Institutional Money Market Association
– Caroline Stockmann, CFO for British Council
– Tom Gilliam, Treasury Manager – Risk at SABMiller
– Kevin Pinnegar, European Group Treasurer for Honda Motor Europe Ltd

In a series of interactive discussions, we’ll be covering topics including emerging markets, what might come after Brexit, the future of Treasury Management Systems, and the impact of IT on treasury transformation.

To find out more, visit our website or register your interest here.


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