Atos Codex launched as aid to unlocking data value

French digital services group Atos has launched Atos Codex, described as a fully integrated business-driven analytics solution that enables companies to unlock the value of their data.

Atos cites a recent prediction by technology research group Gartner that by 2017 organisations using predictive business performance metrics will boost their profitability by 20%.

“Atos Codex provides data analytics end-to-end along the complete IT value chain,” said the group. “The services range from digital transformation strategy and consulting, use case business modelling, data science expertise, agile analytics deployment and ongoing evolution management.”

Ursula Morgenstern, head of global consulting and systems integration at Atos, added: “Data is the new black gold that is fuelling the digital revolution – but as oil, data is useless in its natural format and needs to be refined.

“Atos Codex offers organisations fast and cost efficient means to exploit the value of their existing data. With our proof of value approach we demonstrated in various pilots that the actual business value can be monetised quickly within weeks through our out of the box consulting and platform approach.

“In the digital era, smart use of data analytics is a competitive differentiator and we believe that with Atos Codex, we can help organizations stay one step ahead and become disrupters rather than being disrupted.”

Atos Codex is based on a year-long cooperation with strategic partners, most notably with German engineering group Siemens.

Atos and Siemens developed Sinalytics, a joint advanced analytics platform architecture, which is scalable, pre-assembled and has been designed from the ground up to be modular and vendor-agnostic, with a workflow-based approach to run in tandem with existing procedures. Close attention has been paid to security, data integrity and compliance with the various regulatory and legal requirements across Europe.

The group said that Atos Codex can be leveraged for almost every medium to large-scale enterprise acting in data intensive environments such as manufacturing, retail, telco, public administration, financial services, weather and climatology, defence, healthcare, transportation, media, energy and utilities.


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