UK investors, entrepreneurs ‘divided over Brexit’

Ahead of the June 23 referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union, equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs reports that opinion is divided among entrepreneurs and early stage investors on whether a ‘Brexit’ would prove positive or negative.

Seedrs, which says that it backs the campaign for the UK to remain in the EU, conducted an online poll earlier this month among 270 members of its community.

Responses showed that 51% of investors and 48% of entrepreneurs would vote to stay in the EU, while 47% of investors and 43% of entrepreneurs would vote to leave. The remaining 9% of entrepreneurs said that they had no preference either way, while only 2% of investors were undecided.

In a separate poll, Seedrs asked respondents what impact Britain leaving the EU would have on the UK start-up environment. Almost two-thirds (63%) said it would have a negative effect, while 16% said it would be positive. The remaining 21% were unsure what impact it would have.

“The very even split between the in and out vote shows what a complicated issue this is,” said Jeff Lynn, chief executive officer (CEO) of Seedrs. “It’s clear that this has become a debate lacking real information and that we are instead hearing soundbites from both sides.

“There is a need to present people with real information to help them make an informed decision in June.”

Lynn has added his name to those of CEOs from “a substantial number of other UK tech businesses”, that support the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign.

“As a business Seedrs is in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union,” he added.

“We are a pan-European platform with London at our core, and we believe that we and our users stand to benefit from the open market that comes with Britain’s continued EU membership; in contrast, leaving the EU creates a number of very real risks for the British business community.”


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