Survey: Preventing fraud with treasury controls

In order to prevent fraud, the implementation of a strong treasury controls system is important. Essential information from a variety of corporations in how to eliminate fraud is imperative to identifying areas where organisations need to improve and address future threats.

Strategic Treasurer aim to gain an insight into these issues by releasing their first global treasury fraud and controls survey because this is a topic of particular importance and is highly dynamic. This survey is different because it is clear that significant gaps exist in other surveys and leave treasurers eager for actionable information.

The survey asks questions concerning these topics:

  • Demographics, Banking Structure, Control Framework & Policy
  • Cyber Fraud, Bank Account & Transaction Level Controls
  • Fraud Experience
  • Mobile, BYOD

All those that complete the survey will receive a PDF document that benchmarks responses against the survey population for six of the most critical questions.

Grand Prize #1 -$100 Starbucks card

Grand Prize #2 -GoPro Hero4 Silver

*All respondents who enter their information are eligible to win.


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