Cashfac adds real-time data analytics platform

Tim Martin - Cashfac

Tim Martin - Head of Product Management, Cashfac Technologies

Cashfac Technologies has launched Cashfac Analytics, described as a real-time data analysis and reporting module that enables banks and corporates to better understand their cash movements.

The cash management software specialist added that the module accelerates the process of analysing, understanding and navigating to the data related to specific cash management functions. It also simplifies reporting so banks and their corporate customers have greater insight into their operational performance.

“The nature of managing operational cash is becoming increasingly complex with firms required to continuously reconcile monetary flows, understand intraday dynamic cash positions and the impact of specific cash movements on their balance sheet,” stated the company.

“The module provides access to the different cash flow data that a variety of users across an organisation may need, exactly when they need it. Configurable dashboards provide a more interactive user experience that enables users to navigate data in a much more intuitive and proactive way.”

Tim Martin, product manager, Cashfac, commented: “Having a better understanding of cash flow is central to the success of any business. With Cashfac Analytics corporates have another useful tool in their armoury to help them achieve a 360-degree view of their cash operations.

We are further easing the management, analysis and reporting, of cash flows. While from our bank partners’ perspective we are enabling them to offer an enhanced user experience and valuable business application. In an environment where banks are seeking to differentiate their service and secure loyalty from their corporate and business banking clients Cashfac Analytics can make a significant impact”.


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