Management reshuffle for Sprint

US telecom company Sprint has appointed a new chief financial officer Tarek Robbiati, former CEO of Australian consumer finance company FlexiGroup Ltd.

The Wall Street Journal report that CEO Marcelo Claure is attempting to reform operations by making changes in management, for example the replacement of CFO Joseph Eutenauer who leaves after the company struggled for four years.

Prior to his role at FlexiGroup Ltd, Robbiati worked in Australia and Hong Kong as a senior manager for telecommunications companies, the WSJ reports.

Alongside this, former CTO of Telekom Austria Group, Günther Ottendorfer, was appointed as chief operating officer of technology. John Saw was promoted to CTO from chief network officer.

Sprint claimed to be valued at $1.9 billion earlier this year but refused to report quarterly results this week and it is rumoured that the company is now ranked fourth as T-Mobile has regained strength. After the merge with T-Mobile failed last year, CEO Claure is pressured to show investors and analysts that Sprint is making progress and avoiding customer losses.


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