Italy’s CSE Adopts TAS Technology for E-commerce Payments

Italy’s Consorzio Servizi Bancari (CSE), a bank-owned company providing more than 100 Italian banks with outsourcing services, selected TAS Group as technology provider for rolling-out a new electronic commerce (e-commerce) programme via Italian PagoBANCOMAT.

TAS’s solution will unlock a new payment option to be included in virtual wallets offered by CSE banks to their end-customers, more than 1.8m Bancomat cardholders to pay for e-commerce transactions.

“With the new TAS solution we’re going to complete the offer for our customer banks, allowing them to enrich their digital wallet with a new payment tool,” said Bruno Atti, director of information systems at CSE.

“We believe that the possibility to pay online via debit card provides a strong driver for the dissemination of e-commerce transactions in the country, especially in view of the strong PagoBANCOMAT brand awareness and the perception of security by the consumer,” added Roberto Carlucci, director of the business unit cashless solutions at TAS.

“In fact, this payment instrument is the most used tool by Italian consumers with about 60% of card transactions. Moreover, the ease to apply to this new domestic scheme, both on bank and customer side, is an additional factor of the potential success of the solution.”


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