Swiss Re Joins Forces with IBM on Cyber Risk Protection

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is joining forces with IBM Security to provide advanced cyber risk protection products and services to companies worldwide.

“The IBM – Swiss Re Corporate Solutions agreement helps businesses defend themselves against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks,” the Swiss reinsurance group announced

The group added that the agreement combines IBM’s knowledge of information technology security with its own leading-edge underwriting. IBM will assess clients’ external and internal vulnerabilities to cyberattacks, giving them options for implementing risk mitigation proposals. The two groups are also exploring innovative services to further enhance clients’ protection against cyber threats.

“We aim to answer some of the most pressing questions of companies that seek cyber risk insurance – questions on unforeseen vulnerabilities, available protections, data monitoring techniques and more,” said Francois Brisson, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ head of cyber technology. “Together with IBM, we not only analyse and assess our clients’ cyber risk exposure but also support them in dealing effectively with a security breach.”

Philip C. Kibler, IBM Security’s director of global alliances and computer security incident response team, added: “As businesses evolve, vital assets that were once kept under lock and key now flow freely through the cloud and mobile devices, beyond the four walls of the enterprise.

“Companies today deploy solutions to secure this new perimeter, and also turn to forward thinking insurers such as Swiss Re Corporate Solutions to provide an extra layer of protection in the event an incident occurs.”


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