DTCC Links Omgeo ProtoColl to GlobalCollateral’s Margin Transit Utility

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) said that Omgeo ProtoColl, its front-end collateral management system, is integrating with DTCC-Euroclear GlobalCollateral Limited’s margin transit utility (MTU), a solution designed to deliver straight-through processing (STP) of the settlement of margin obligations.

The integration will give Omgeo ProtoColl clients a view of all transactions processed in the MTU from their existing ProtoColl user interface, streamlining margin call activities and enabling better monitoring of the collateral management process from a single interface.

“Our clients have been asking for ProtoColl to be linked with the MTU in order to ensure that activities taking place within the MTU seamlessly integrate with ProtoColl functionality,” said Tim Keady, managing director and DTCC’s chief client officer.

“By doing so, users will benefit from a uniform experience, while enabling them to further automate their collateral processes, reduce counterparty risk, and allow them to more efficiently manage all areas of the collateral workflow.

“The open architecture of MTU aligns well with ProtoColl’s architecture, enabling us to bring the benefits of the MTU directly into existing ProtoColl workflow processes.”


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