5 ways to gain financial credibility through better cash and treasury management

Technology has presented opportunities for companies to manage cash and treasury services more effectively. Regardless of the size of a company or how much they have invested in business improvement, it has been reported that by adopting better technologies and in turn, having a more tactical treasury management service, a business can attain better financial credibility.

Technology can help treasury management in the following ways:

1. Connectivity, Convenience and Complete Security

Firms want the freedom to get what they want with the click of a button. This can be achieved by merging cash management services with banking applications to gain enterprise-level connectivity. Alongside this, it is important for organisations to have the ability to use these services to make individual, department-level and branch-level decisions, whilst remaining confident that information about the company’s cash policies and transactions will remain secure and private.

2. Customised Service

Customised cash management is crucial when it comes to the successful usage of integrated systems, especially due to customers requesting service-oriented architecture. This enables specific activities and functions to be inputted into the system and tailored to the needs of a particular organisation, rather than clients having to use a website designed and set-up by a bank. Unlike traditional approaches, there is now demand for customised solutions that operate under a firm’s unique style of treasury management.

3. Global Customised Service

Smaller businesses are also using customised systems to enter the global market. This type of technology uses social media and ecommerce to indentify the need for local-centric solutions at a worldwide level. The technology also helps to aid the analysis of investment options and short-term credit to determine the best way to deal with cash within an organisation’s various locations in the world.

4. Cash Management System (CMS)

Cash management systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst small businesses that are willing to pay premium prices for an infrastructure that would include SaaS (software as a service) platforms and cloud storage in order to better the company’s operations.

5. Data Analytics

A company that is facing many treasury management problems may need to look into their lack of future planning and should consider a new approach to the way data is compiled. Cash management systems should include forecasting tools that can deploy excess cash, integrate historical data and consider future receivables, as well as accumulate the day’s transactions. More importantly, the analysis of this data would encourage informed future decisions and improve the productivity of the company because of the technology being used.

The integration of technology into treasury management could help an organisation to solve their problems, capitalise on opportunities and have better financial credibility as a business.


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