SIA Launches Public Sector E-invoice Platform

SIA has launched ‘SIA Easy City’, an electronic invoicing and digital payments platform to connect firms in Italy’s public sector with businesses and citizens.

The Italian payment processor and infrastructure provider said that the launch is in response to the March 31 starting date for mandatory e-invoicing for Italian firms supplying the public sector, which will affect around 2m firms.

“SIA EasyCity is capable of managing the entire financial cycle of a public administration body, from electronic invoicing to digital payments,” the group announced. It cited figures produced by Milan Polytechnic, showing that Italy’s public sector receives around 60m invoices with a total value of €135bn.

SIA added that initiatives already underway using e-invoicing include 49 health authorities in Italy’s Lombardy region and 1,000 Italian pharmacies, the National Association of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors in Italy and the Italian National Association of Surveyors and Chartered Surveyors.

Italy’s central public administration bodies such as ministries, tax agencies and national social security bodies have been required to invoice electronically since June 2014 and from the end of this month the requirement will extend to local health authorities, regional and provincial governments, over 8,000 Italian local councils and other public bodies.

SIA said that SIA EasyCity will allow them to handle in a completely automated manner each phase of the e-invoicing process through a web-based service managed by SIA in its role as enabled intermediary for the connection to the interchange system (SdI).


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