Supply Chain Finance Market ‘Enjoys 30% Annual Growth’

The rapidly developing global supply chain finance (SCF) market is growing at around 30% per year, which suggests it could be worth €43bn in terms of funds in use according to a report by BCR Publishing.

The company, a specialist in receivables finance market information, based the figures on a recent survey of global SCF industry practitioners. The survey also revealed that regional SCF annual growth rates vary, with Asia Pacific seeing the most rapid development particularly in the retail, electronics, textiles, and consumer goods sectors.

“While supply chain finance is still in its relative infancy, we are now seeing rapid acceleration in terms of volume growth and market awareness,” said Michael Bickers, managing director of BCR.

“The report clearly suggests there is a long way to go in terms of potential volume growth and market development. Receivables are still very much underutilised as an asset class for raising finance – but this is changing in the post-crisis environment where there is a much stronger focus on working capital.”

‘The World Supply Chain Finance Report 2015’
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