Akshay Adds Disaster Recovery Service

Akshay Software International is launching a service that allows customers to access SWIFT applications on its service bureaux from any location with an internet connection – but only from specifically preconfigured PCs and only in a disaster recovery (DR) situation.

The new AkshayDRAnywhere service provides emergency secure SWIFT access without the need to set up a full-fledged DR centre – particularly helpful for low-volume customers. It also helps in disaster scenarios, where travel to the contingency site becomes difficult or impossible.

The service can be used by both service bureaux users and in-house users who host their contingency systems in the service bureau.

Akshay says that access shares the same levels of security as normal connections to the service bureau, being based on internet protocol security (IPsec) tunnels with xAuth providing both encryption and authentication. Additionally, there is a login and password and the service can work only from specific PCs that have been preconfigured so there is physical security as well.

The service allows manual send of messages (e.g. for sending urgent payments) and viewing messages that have been received. If the customer has subscribed to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) service, OFAC checking will also be performed. Message can optionally be printed as pdf files to a folder on the PC. The basic service includes configuration of two PCs, to allow dual control.

Automated interfaces with back office applications is not possible and will be resumed after the primary SWIFT location is restored. No messages are lost in this situation.


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