Misys Launches ‘BankTime’ App for Apple Watch

Misys is the latest firm to prepare for next month’s launch of the Apple Watch. The financial software company said that it has created an app “to provide services to their customers in an entirely new way, providing consumers with new levels of customer service and experience.”

Its app, named Misys FusionBanking Essence BankTime, is “designed to give consumers greater control and clarity of their personal finances”. Misys has used Apple’s ‘Glance’ feature – a Glance is a quick view of the app’s most important content – to showcase the Comfort Zone display, which shows a consumer’s available balance.

Users can rapidly drill down to get more details of balance, history and all transactions via the smartwatch. The banking app encourages consumers to execute transactions directly from the Apple Watch, for example paying for a bill in a restaurant. Voice command and traditional swipe and tap control enables consumers to interact with the app in whatever way they want.

Misys adds that the new communication channel means consumers will never miss a notification from their bank, such as a fraud alert, a special offer or an appointment reminder. “Our ambition at Misys Labs is to bring financial services into consumers’ everyday lives”, said Tamás Grünzweig, head of innovation at Misys.


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