Euroclear to Develop International Link with Peru

Brussels-based international central securities depository (CSD) Euroclear, and Peru’s ministry of economy and finance have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) committing to cooperate in the development of a new ‘international link’ for Peru.

Once implemented, the international link (i-link) will allow domestic Peruvian issuers to tap into the international liquidity pool provided by Euroclear’s global investor client base. The agreement also allows Peruvian investors to trade with international counterparties, enhancing Peru’s reputation as a leading Latin American capital market.

Euroclear’s i-link will align Peru’s capital market with established international standards while bearing the hallmark of a resilient and robust post-trade infrastructure. The planned development, expected to go live before the end of this year, will provide domestic and international investors a single channel to access Peru’s capital market.

“Through Euroclear’s i-link platform we will have access to an extremely large number of financial institutions that make up Euroclear’s core client base, the majority of which are also long-term investors,” said Alonso Segura Vasi , Peru’s minister of economy and finance.

“The development of this i-link will allow us to increase domestic liquidity, lower price volatility and reduce the financial cost of our sovereign bonds, ultimately boosting the development of the Peruvian public debt market.

“(It) will permit local investors to diversify the counterparties they deal with while also connecting to a greater number of international investors. This platform will elevate the Peruvian capital market to the recognised standards of other developed international markets. It will also provide both local and international investors a unique and cost-efficient channel through which to access the Peruvian capital market.”


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