Skrill, Linden Lab Expand Second Life Payment Options

Digital payments company Skrill is joining forces with Linden Lab to integrate the Skrill Digital Wallet as a payment option for users of Second Life, the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world.

In Second Life’s virtual economy, users can buy Linden Dollars (L$) with their currency of choice at the market exchange rate and use them in transactions for a wide variety of user-created virtual products and services in the Second Life marketplace.

“Since Second Life first opened in 2003, millions of people worldwide have participated in the vibrant virtual economy, and Linden Lab pays out tens of millions of dollars to successful Second Life content creators every year,” says Skrill

Skrill’s digital wallet provides users with a secure method to send and receive Linden Dollars. The Skrill 1-Tap recurring payment solution, allows users to enter their information only once to enable continuous payments thereafter with just one tap or click. The digital wallet will also serve as a payout method, where users can process a credit from Second Life to their real-world accounts.

“By integrating with Skrill, we’ve expanded the options for Second Life users to process their online payments, which is a critical piece of our product,” said Malcolm Dunne, chief financial officer (CFO), Linden Lab. “We’re excited to offer this new functionality, giving our customers another secure, quick, and convenient way to participate in the Second Life economy.”

Skrill will offer Second Life users around the world more than 100 payment methods via its digital Wallet, including local payment options for international Second Life users.

“We’re looking forward to building on our digital entertainment experience and making Second Life users’ experiences more enjoyable – less time figuring out payment options means more time engaging in Second Life,” said Christopher Russell, chief executive (CEO), Skrill USA Inc.


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