US Bank Launches Corporate Payments Mobile App

US Bank said that corporate travel and purchasing card clients will be able to retrieve account information on the go, with the launch of the bank’s Access Online Mobile app.

A complement to Access Online, the bank’s data management and reporting tool, the app provides real-time access to essential account information from virtually anywhere. It simplifies account management for the cardholder and reduces the burden on programme administrators.

The bank added that the app enables cardholders to see account summary information, such as balance, transaction history, and payment due dates. Upcoming enhancements include fraud, transaction, and security alerts; electronic receipt attachment; and mobile single-use account payment capability.

“Mobile devices are blurring the line between corporate and consumer need,” said Dominic Venturo, chief innovation officer for US Bank. “Customers want a consistent, familiar experience, whether they’re paying their mortgage at home or managing invoices at work. Tools must be simple, intuitive, and offer high-value, low-cost functionality. This app delivers on all counts in a very real way. We are excited to bring Access Online Mobile to market.”

The app is now available through iTunes and Google Play.


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