Italy’s Public Administration Payment Hub Selects MyBank

MyBank and Italy’s Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AgID) said that the MyBank payment option, which allows bank customers across Europe to pay online by using their own bank account, has been activated on AgID’s payment hub
‘Nodo dei Pagamenti-SPC’

NdP-SPC is a new platform that connects Italian public institutions with payment service providers (PSPs) and allows citizens and businesses to make transactions in favour of 70,000 public institutions across Italy, ranging from schools and hospitals to central and local administrations.

“Online payments for public services are an essential step towards modernising our country,” said Maria Pia Giovannini, who heads the public administration area at AgID. “MyBank can be a valuable asset to reach this objective, allowing citizens and businesses all over Europe to carry out payments to the Italian public administration via an immediate, simple and secure payment method.

“One of the advantages for PSPs is that if they participate in MyBank they are automatically interoperable with the NdP-SPC hub managed by AgID’”

NdP-SPC operates in line with AgID’s guidelines, which complements the regulatory framework related to payments as detailed in Article no. 5 of Italy’s Digital Administration Code. All Italian public administration agencies have to connect to the platform by December 2015.

All main Italian banks, Poste Italiane and all others payment institutions recognised by Banca d’Italia have already joined the system. It will now be available, via the connection to MyBank, to all other European banks offering the MyBank payment option.


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