BNP Paribas Launches Cash Management Information Web Portal

BNP Paribas has launched a cash management information web portal, which the French bank said is primarily designed for chief financial officers (CFOs) and treasurers.

“The portal gathers the most accurate information and the best expertise in cash management,” the bank announced. “Visitors to the website will gain easy access to a world of cash management resources via editorial features, tribunes, practical guides and case studies.”

Eglantine Landrain, marketing manager product and local offer for cash management, added: “It is a place to share and talk with the best cash management experts.”

The portal focuses on the challenges of treasurers, CFOs and more generally, of any expanding organisation, and on the best solutions to address them. In addition to corporates, the content is designed to be accessible to non-specialists, to meet the growing interest in cash management beyond the traditional financial functions within organisations.

Content will be updated regularly, with the ultimate objective to create a worldwide online cash management community.

Expert viewpoints on the renminbi (RMB), collection factories, the single euro payments area (SEPA), reconciliation and international payments are available on the web portal, together with other hot topics demonstrating how changes in the environment impact financial and treasury fields. The portal also contains practical tools like the BNP Paribas Atlas as well as a collection of SEPA country guides.

The portal can be accessed at


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