SAP Wins Treasury Excellence Award

Dr. Matthias Heiden, ex-head of global treasury at SAP and now CFO at the firm, collected the Treasury Excellence award at EuroFinance 2014 in Budapest. SAP received the award for a long-running project that has revolutionised SAP’s financing strategy, external debt capability and introduced a revolving credit facility.

“SAP can now deal with uncertainty, unanticipated change and cater for dynamic growth,” said Heiden, explaining that they now have a EUR2bn float to deal with uncertainty or unanticipated changes, such as a lack of access to capital market or bank funding a la the 2007 credit crunch.

SAP also now has a revolving credit facility in order to fund its bid for growth via new product developments like its HANA addition to its ERP system or via acquisitions such as Sybase and more recently Ariba in the US. “This gives us greater flexibility,” explained Heiden.

You can find out further details on the SAP revolving credit facility and other SAP treasury changes via the
gtnews Awards 2014


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