400 European Banks Allow Bitcoin Purchases

Belize-based cryptocurrency exchanger 247exchange.com has secured an agreement with Sofort Banking, allowing customers of more than 400 European banks to purchase bitcoins.

Ten European countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Poland – are supported, with Hungary and Slovakia expected to be added soon. More than 22,000 bank branches in these countries, including 99% of all German and 95% of Austrian banks, are connected to Sofort.

To buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using Sofort Banking, the user places an order choosing his of her country and bank. Using Sofort Banking doesn’t require any registration, and transactions are instant and completely free for the sender. The client just needs to have a bank account in one of the banks listed on 247exchange.com’s buy page. If the requested bank isn’t presented there, the user can order a bank wire (SWIFT) or SEPA transfer instead.

“Purchasing bitcoins has never been so easy in Europe,” said Alexey Maximenko, CEO of 247exchange.com. “However, the company’s aim is to create the comfortable exchanger for all cryptocurrency users no matter where they are located and what currency they use. So, the company expands the site’s functionality every day. Soon more payment/withdrawal methods (including credit cards) and digital currencies will be added, providing a new level of digital money exchange service available for everyone.”


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