Misys Launches Value-added Programmes

Financial software provider Misys has launched Misys Connect, described as a suite of programmes to deliver value from every part of the business to its clients.

Misys Connect enables clients to drive return on investment and competitive advantage. At its core are a set of programmes each making it easier for them to derive value from their relationship with Misys, in addition to its software and services.

Misys Connect comprises six categories giving customers direct access and links to the cross-functional teams and expertise they need to maintain competitive edge. Each category contains three value-added programmes:

  1. Strategic Advantage: Providing clients with access to the people, resources and capabilities necessary to help achieve growth and achieve competitive advantage.
  2. Technological Edge: Ensuring Misys’ software products match customers’ business needs and that the group delivers new, genuinely innovative customer-centric products and services.
  3. Accelerated Deployment: Delivering the services required to ensure rapid deployment, fast time-to-value, seamless integration and positive user adoption for all Misys solutions.
  4. Proactive Support: Providing the fast, effective, interactive support essential to the ongoing success of each client’s business and to its future growth.
  5. Enhanced Dialogue: Offering unlimited possibilities to interact with industry peers and Misys colleagues, share experience and skills, and help maximise the benefits of Misys software.
  6. Return on Reputation: Helping Misys clients to build, enhance and continuously develop their reputation as market-leading, customer-focused financial services organisations.

“Adding real value is the key factor in ensuring a continuous positive experience,” said Nadeem Syed, chief executive officer (CEO) of Misys.

“The resulting strong and long-term partnership Misys Connect generates ensures we continue to support our customers as they grow and adapt to changing market demands. We look forward to more clients joining Misys Connect and gaining more value from a deeper relationship with us.”


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