New Zealand Ranked Highest for Customer Satisfaction

New Zealand companies provide the best customer service, according to a survey assessing customer satisfaction levels around the world.

The survey findings, published by and based on the ZenDesk Benchmark report conducted during the first quarter of 2014, suggests that 92% of customers in New Zealand are satisfied with the products, services and service levels they receive from local businesses.

Canada ranks second, with a score of 90%, with the remainder of the ‘top 10’ occupied by Norway (also 90%); Australia and Denmark (both 89%); Mexico (88%); Israel and United Arab Emirates (both 84%); Brazil and Russia (both 83%).

The US is rated 15th, with a score of 82%, although its position improved from 17th in a similar poll conducted in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The survey also rated industries by customer satisfaction levels, with government and non-profit organisations surprisingly taking top position with a 95% rating worldwide. The remainder of the ‘top ten’ was made up by IT services and consultancy (94%); education (92%); real estate and web hosting (both 91%); healthcare (89%); manufacturing and computer hardware (87%); professional and business support services (86%); financial and insurance services (84%); and software (83%).

Other findings included 86% of buyers polled saying that they were ready to pay more in return for a better customer experience, while 70% stated that they were willing to do business again with a company that speedily and effectively resolved any complaints.

Citing the
Gartner CRM Guide 2014
, says that more companies are adopting customer relationship management (CRM) to improve sales. The CRM market has grown from one worth US$16bn in 2011 to an estimated US$23.9bn this year and the figure likely to reach US$27.4bn by 2017.

“By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator,” the group predicts.


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