FERMA to roll out certification programme for European risk managers

The General Assembly of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has announced plans to provide risk managers in Europe with formal certification, starting in 2015.

The progamme aims to strengthen best practice company risk management whilst providing eligible managers with European-wide recognition and enhanced job prospects. Certification will be based on individual managers’ professional competences and experience and will require recipients to commit both to on-going professional development and to a code of ethics.

Through the planned scheme, candidates will also cover governance structure and business models, including funding and value propositions for clients. Educational institutions that offer the certification programme will be accredited by FERMA.

“We can be proud that we will be providing one of the first pan-European recognitions of a profession, and one that will be a benchmark for other risk managers’ professional bodies worldwide,” said Michel Dennery, Vice President of FERMA and Chairman of the certification steering committee. “Together we have built the foundations for recognition of risk managers as a respected, structured and mature profession among other global professions.”

He added: “Personally, I have long wished for the risk management profession to provide itself with values and standards to help ensure that risk competences at a high level are disseminated through organizations. Certification will enable us to support governance bodies and top management with the level of confidence that they need to have an accurate picture of risk taking and the best advice for mitigation and strategic planning.”


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