String of new hires at Daiwa Capital Markets

The international investment banking branch of Japan’s Daiwa Securities Group has appointed Christopher Brown as Head of Investment Banking for Europe and the Middle East, taking over from Hiroki Ikeda, who was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Daiwa Capital Markets Europe earlier this year.

Brown has worked at Daiwa for 13 years. Prior to the announcement, he headed up the firm’s fixed-income division and previously helped to grow Daiwa Capital Markets Europe’s Asian fixed income product. The debt syndication department that Brown currently runs will move with him into the investment banking division.

To fill the role Brown leaves behind, Antony Baldwin and Tatsuji Nagano will jointly take over the leadership of fixed income. At present, Baldwin is the division’s Deputy Head, whilst Nagano is transferring to London from Daiwa Securities in Tokyo, where he is currently Head of International Fixed Income Sales.


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