Tech Talent Urged to Choose Smaller Firms over Multinationals

Talented professionals in the hi-tech sector should consider the benefits and potential career development opportunities of working for a smaller business rather than a multinational, according to Intelligent Environments.

The UK-based digital banking specialist was responding to the recent prediction by Oxford Economics of a significant increase in digital technology roles over the coming years. Last month the global advisory firm forecast that London alone would create an additional 46,000 jobs in the tech sector by 2024, with the burgeoning industry set to average annual growth of 5.1% over the coming decade.

This growth is expected to pump an extra £12bn into the UK economy. According to the firm, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will likely be fuelling this increase with almost a third of Britain’s smaller business intending to recruit new staff this year.

Intelligent Environments, which is itself seeking to hire various tech developers to maintain recent international expansion, said that the benefits of working for a technology small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) include more responsibility, greater involvement in end-to-end project development and the opportunity to work on game-changing technology.

“Smaller organisations are agile, exciting and often faster moving than the larger technology companies,” said David Webber, managing director at Intelligent Environments. “For example, developers in small firms can pitch ideas and see them deployed within a matter of days.

“Our employees work on game-changing developments. For example, last year we created the world’s first smartwatch banking application. We also regularly hold Innovation Lab sessions where our development teams brainstorm and create software for the latest systems.”


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