Banca Sella Onboards 4,000 Italian Merchants to MyBank

MyBank said that 4,000 merchants across Italy are due to go live with the e-authorisation solution over the next few weeks.

Those connecting to the service, via Gestpay, Banca Sella Group’s gateway solution, cover “all sectors of Italian commerce, such as tourism, fashion and technology” and include “many important and well-known brands from all major industries”.

MyBank, which was created by EBA Clearing, added that Italian citizens will now be able to pay for goods and services directly from their bank account, which is simpler and safer than some of the payment methods they use today.

The merchants will have a new way to collect funds with reduced fraud risks and greater certainty. They will also be able to collect funds from across Europe where banks have implemented MyBank.

“MyBank is a great solution that is growing steadily,” said
John Broxis
, managing director, MyBank. “A boost such as this clearly takes us to the next level of market visibility. This combined with the upcoming adoption of MyBank by the Italian government will place MyBank in the public consciousness as a way of paying that is really for everybody.”

“MyBank has impressed us with its great conversion rates and ability to handle amounts that are too high to be easily settled via other methods of payment,” added Alessandro Bocca, head of online payments, Banca Sella.

MyBank mandates to support the electronic management of single euro payment area (SEPA) direct debits (SDDs), will be launched in October.


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