Kelda Group signs up for Salmon Treasurer TMS

Dublin-based Salmon Software has beaten five competitors to win a major contract with the Kelda Group, owners of Yorkshire Water.

Salmon Treasurer, its Treasury Management System, builds on thirty years of experience in the field. The system, which can be installed on site or accessed via the cloud, is designed to help corporate treasurers with a broad selection of activities, including cash management, debt and derivatives, foreign exchange, banking transactions and payments.

Yorkshire Water, which is Kelda group’s main subsidiary, supplies water and sewerage services to around 130,000 businesses and 5 million people. “We wanted to replace an aging TMS to manage critical transactions across the business,” said Christopher Elliff, Cash and Banking Manager of the Kelda Group. “This included visibility of short term loans and deposits, long term debt plus index linked derivatives and other instruments.

As Kelda Group found in its detailed review, we provide world class treasury management systems at an affordable price,” added John Byrne, Software’s CEO. “Kelda is one of an increasing number of large companies discovering the value of dealing with an independent TMS firm which has invested continuously over three decades in a single TMS solution.”


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