Broadridge Expands Derivatives Coverage

Broadridge Financial Solutions has expanded its reach in the multi-asset post-trade processing space by extending its investments in exchange-traded derivatives technology.

The company, a provider of technology-driven solutions for financial firms and corporate issuers globally, said its ongoing strategy to invest in its unified international processing solution for all major asset groups, including equities, fixed income, money markets and derivatives, comes as firms increasingly seek to streamline their operations across business silos to increase efficiency, enhance risk management and reduce costs enterprise-wide.

Broadridge recently added to its global customer base by signing three firms, headquartered in North America, Europe and Asia, that will utilise its multi-asset class processing solution for a range of asset groups, including both securities and derivatives, for their international business operations.

The company’s most recent investments include the addition of commodity-based futures and options to the range of exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives currently available on its processing solution. The expanded capabilities also include real-time market connectivity to Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), enabling a pathway to 17 futures and options exchanges, plus connections to a range of central clearing counterparties.

“Recent years have seen a tremendous growth in multi-asset trading, and it is essential that firms’ post-trade operations are geared to help them capitalize on these new opportunities by optimising business efficiency and control,” said Paul Clark, head of institutional strategy and product management, securities processing solutions international, Broadridge.

“Our solution’s breadth continues to increase, enabling business areas across the capital markets spectrum to maximise their straight-through processing (STP) and workflow control, while gaining a central, business-wide cross-asset position management capability. Firms can also leverage our many innovations such as the ability to access daily profit and loss settlement events with enhanced ability to retrace these in real time.”


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