Centtrip Launches Multi-currency Prepaid MasterCard

Centtrip, the UK-based travel money, banking and payment card specialist has launched what it says is the world’s first prepaid MasterCard to offer 14 currencies on a single card at ‘spread-free’ exchange rates. The card is managed on the go via smartphone app or online through a multi-currency travel account.

Among the card’s other benefits, there is no charge for point-of-sale (PoS) transactions in the UK or abroad and lower international automated teller machines (ATM) fees alongside the heritage and confidence of the MasterCard marque – accepted at over 34m locations and 2.1m ATMs worldwide displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

The card “will redefine how we buy our travel money, pioneering a better, customer focused way to avoid the perils of inflated foreign exchange rates – anywhere between 2% and 9% across other card providers, banks and bureau de change,” the company claims.


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