EastNets and Aptys Solutions Join to Offer Domestic and International Wire Transfer Service

EastNets has announced a partnership with Aptys Solutions to offer a managed services platform for both domestic and international wire transfers. The partnership is designed to provide small to mid-sized financial institutions a service that integrates multiple back-office systems and offers a connection to both SWIFT and FedLine Direct networks.

“These are very exciting times for today’s financial institutions and organizations as the advent of new technologies have played a major role in ensuring seamless transactions,” said Hazem Mulhim, CEO and Founder of EastNets. “Understanding the key demands of this industry, we have partnered with industry leader Aptys Solutions and have come up with a comprehensive wire transfer system that integrates with FedLine Direct and SWIFT within the US and the rest of the world.”

“New compliance regulations are driving the mid to small financial institution market to find better ways to manage their wire service,” added Eric Dotson, EVP of Sales at Aptys Solutions. “With the introduction of this integrated platform, FIs will benefit from a user-rich experience that allows them to take advantage of unattended SWIFT and Fed wire processing and lets them reduce operational costs and re-focus on core banking functions.”


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