Jordan unveils national electronic billing and payment system

Jordan has launched an electronic billing presentation and payment (EBPP) system to enable its people to receive and pay bills electronically from computers, cash machines and Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminals, and to aid economic and business efficiency by cutting paper-based transactions.

Overseen by the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ), the eFawateerCom EBPP system has been built and will be operated by Emerging Markets Payments and Madfoo3atCom. A pilot involving three local banks and three billers trialled the launch this month.

More Jordanian billers are expected to join eFawateerCom throughout the year as its rollout attracts volume. The Jordanian government will also use the platform to manage customs duties, taxes and other internal transactions.

The introduction of electronic e-billing and payments should also help corporates in the country achieve more efficient, less paper-reliant treasury and business operations.

Commenting on the launch, Maha Bahou, executive manager of payment systems and domestic banking operations at the CBJ, said: “We at the Central Bank believe this system will become a great example to other [Middle Eastern] countries that also wish to accelerate electronic payments in their economies.”

Whether it is the start of a similar EBPP rollout across other countries in the Levant remains to be seen, but cross-border regional harmonisation may eventually result if others follow Jordan’s lead.


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