US Bank Expands Global Corporate Travel Programme

US Bank has expanded its global corporate travel card programme to better support multinational customers who are looking to centralise their global card programmes.

As part of the programme expansion, the bank has added six new European currencies: Czech koruna (CZK), Danish krone (DKK), Hungarian forint (HUF), Norwegian krone (NOK), Polish zloty (PLN) and Swedish krona (SEK).

“US Bank truly is a global payments provider, with broad acceptance and local currency capabilities in over 50 countries,” said Mary Miklethun, vice president of US Bank travel payment solutions. “Our experience, solutions, and network make it easy for US-based companies to extend their card-programme reach into more markets where they do business.

“The US Bank global travel card allows organisations to manage their programme globally but benefit from locally responsive services and expertise, such as local time zones, languages, and account management.”

Alan Gibson, US Bank vice president of commercial payments, European and emerging markets, added that local-currency travel cards, in particular, are more than a convenience to clients.

“They create cost savings, transparency and efficiency across geographies, as they eliminate foreign transaction fees as well as billing and payment challenges. Customers can rely on their corporate travel card – as opposed to petty cash or cash advances – and organisations can capture deeper, more consolidated transaction data on every purchase.”


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