EVO Payments International and Pay.On Form Technology Partnership

Pay.On, the web-based payment infrastructure systems operator and EVO Payments International, a payment service provider in North America and Europe, are pooling resources to provide European small to medium (SME) merchants with “a quick and easy interface to a payment solution” that incorporates all advantages of the latest payment technology.

The new interface will be available in Europe, initially in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Two partners said that for SME online merchants, a simple payment solution that can be put into operation immediately is essential to the launch and expansion of online businesses.

“The flexible payment infrastructure, quick merchant operability and accurate payment setup are necessary nowadays in order to ensure seamless payment processing,” said Wolfgang Berner, Pay.On’s vice president (VP), product and integration. “These items are particularly crucial for SME merchants.

“We are pleased to be working with EVO Payments International to greatly simplify online expansion for many merchants while at the same time equipping them in the best way possible for this expansion.”

EVO said that it previously solely focused on project business with large and international merchants, but now also seeks to be more active in the SME segment.

“In order to be able to satisfy the various needs of our customers, our acquiring platform in Europe has long offered a range of interfaces, which are geared in particular to the needs of our large clients,” added Mark Spangenberg, EVO’s European chief operating officer (COO).

“When we expanded our activities into the SME area, we sought partners like Pay.On who could successfully meet the needs of SME clients.”


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