IBE Briefing Addresses Issue of Companies Misleading Customers

A newly-published briefing from the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) investigates the ethical issue of misleading customers. The briefing considers aspects of unethical treatment of customers, their consequences, regulatory responses and the steps some organisations are taking to address this issue.

The IBE notes that companies which take ethics seriously will ensure that their ethical values are reflected in the relationships they have with their customers. However, according to the Institute’s analysis, in 2012-13 treatment of stakeholders was the second most commonly-reported business ethics issue in the UK media and customers were the most mistreated stakeholder group, as judged by the number of stories reported.

The free briefing can be accessed

The IBE added that it will host a lunch discussion on this issue in London on Thursday 12 June, at which Clive Adamson, director of supervision at UK regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will be the guest speaker. Further information is available on the IBE website at http://www.ibe.org.uk/forthcoming-events/56/48.


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