Osmosis-Calvert Partnership Launches MoRE in the US

The UK’s Osmosis Investment Management has teamed with US investment manager Calvert Investments to introduce the Model of Resource Efficiency, aka MoRE, into the US marketplace.

The resulting Calvert-Osmosis MoRESM World Strategy uses Osmosis’ valuation measure to identify high quality, well-managed large cap global businesses.

“We live in a resource-constrained world. Companies that create greater value from resource inputs generate better shareholder returns,” said Saad Rashid, investment director for Osmosis.

“Those that are more efficient at transforming resources into revenue tend to display characteristics and behaviours that promote innovation, investment, and adaptation.”

The strategy seeks to invest in high quality large-cap global companies that demonstrate greater levels of resource efficiency relative to peers. It relies on MoRESM, which systematically evaluates resource efficiency using a proprietary metric based on observed amounts of energy consumed, water used and waste created relative to revenue.

The strategy provides a ‘best-of-breed’ approach, excluding finance and tobacco and tallies with Bethesda, Maryland-based Calvert’s policy of using sustainability as a platform to create value for US investors.

The two firms added that the MoRESM World Strategy will help meet growing North American investor interest in sustainable investing, especially among institutional investors.

In response to increasing investor demand for strategies that align with their values, Merrill Lynch last year launched a new programme, which includes more than 100 investment opportunities themed around key topics, including environmental stewardship, human capital and corporate governance. The Calvert Osmosis MoRESM strategy will initially be available on this Merrill Lynch platform.


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