UK Cybercrime Gang Convicted of Bank Robbery, Card Fraud


A group of cybercriminals in the UK have been found guilty of robbing three banks via attached devices, as well as completing a series of high-end purchases with stolen debit and credit cards.

Last year, the gang connected keyboard video mouse (KVM) devices to computers at two Barclays branches and one Santander branch. In an April attack on the Swiss Cottage Barclays branch, the fraudsters stole £1.25 million via 128 transfers of less than £10,000 each from six business accounts. They later stole £90,000 from a second Barclays branch in Lewisham.

The crooks slipped up when it attacked a Santander branch in Surrey Quays. Metropolitan police raided the address where transfers were being executed and made multiple arrests.

The group was also convicted of using about 500 stolen credit and debit cards to make more than £1 million in expensive purchases such as jewellery and iPads.

Lanre Mullins-Abudu and Steven Hannah were found guilty last week. They join 11 others who pleaded guilty earlier. However, Duane Jean-Jacques, an employee at the Swiss Cottage branch who was believed to be an “inside man,” was found not guilty.


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