Fundtech: Robust Liquidity Management Offerings will Benefit Banks

In the wake of the credit crunch, corporates recognise the value of enhanced liquidity management to provide visibility into their cash flow and liquidity across multiple banks and accounts in a number of countries and currencies, says Fundtech.

The group, a specialist in global transaction banking solutions, develops the theme in a white paper entitled
‘How Banks Can Build Their Corporate Business: Best Practices for Offering Liquidity Management Solutions’
. The paper suggests the type of liquidity management solutions banks should offer their corporate customers, and provides a list of best practices banks should consider when developing solutions.

Fundtech says that banks are ideally positioned to assist their corporate customers by offering robust liquidity management solutions, and many are reaping significant business benefits as a result. Banks that help their corporate customers successfully optimide liquidity gain access to new fee-based income streams, while also being seen by each customer as a proactive and value-creating partner to their business.

Best-practice offerings typically centralise cash flow information to provide a consolidated view, offer balance and information reporting to view aggregate balances across banks, provide tools to automate the receivables and payables process as well as real-time, multi-bank liquidity information, and enable visibility across the entire supply chain.

“Banks that fail to offer their corporate customers best-practice liquidity management solutions are putting their most important client relationships at risk,” said Gil Gadot, head of global cash management and co-author of the white paper. “Helping clients optimise the management of their liquidity can result in long-term opportunities for fee income and service revenues.”

A complimentary copy of the white paper can be downloaded


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